How to Download & Install the MOFH Customized Template?

Downloading & Installing MOFH Template

In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through the process of Installation of the MOFH template. By watching this video tutorial and reading this guide you will be able to download & install the MOFH Template. You will be able to learn how you can download & install MOFH customized template.

About MOFH Template

A template is a group of files that is used to change the look of your site. You can find many templates for the hosting site so that you can use them to change your site look and make it attractive. For MOFH you can customize any HTML template manually to fit your MOFH reseller site. Some already customized templates for MOFH reseller websites are available on

How to Download & Install the MOFH Customized Template?

To download & install the MOFH customized template you will need to follow the below steps:

1 Downloading MOFH Customized Template

Downloading MOFH Customized Template

To install a template on your website you need to download a template for your site. You can use any HTML template and customize it but if you don’t want to customize any template and want to use pre-made themes then you can go to for MOFH customized templates.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose any template from them.
  3. Click on the “Click here to download this template” text to download that template.

2 Extracting & Compressing

Extracting & Compressing

After downloading you need to follow below steps:

  1. Navigate to the downloaded folder.
  2. Extract the downloaded file.
  3. Now, open the extracted folder (you will find files in it like the screenshot above except “.zip” one).
  4. Select all the files and right-click.
  5. Hover over WinRAR and click on the “Add to Archive” button.
  6. After that compress them into “.zip”.

3 Deleting Old Files

Deleting Old Files

You will have to delete all the files present in “htdocs” folder for the installation of a new template. Follow below steps to delete all files

  1. Go to the control panel (vPanel) of your site. (e.g. cpanel.yourmofhresellersite.tld)
  2. Login with the details you received via email.
  3. Click on “File Manager” after logging in.
  4. Navigate to the “htdocs” folder.
  5. Select all the files.
  6. Click on the “Delete” button from the bottom menu bar.
  7. After that click on the “Confirm” button.

4 Uploading & Extracting Template Files

Uploading & Extracting Template Files

Now, to install the new template on your reseller MOFH website. You will need to follow the below steps after following all the above steps:

  1. From the file manager, in the “htdocs” folder, click on the upload button from the bottom bar.
  2. Choose the compressed “.zip” file.
  3. Click on the “Just Upload” button.
  4. After uploading, right-click on the uploaded template file.
  5. Click on the “extract” option.

After that, your new template will successfully be installed on your reseller website.

Final Words

I had tried to make everything as simple as possible in this video tutorial. If you still have any queries regarding this topic then feel free to comment on this topic and I’ll try to reply you as soon as possible,

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